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7 Natural Ways to Use A2 Ghee for Cold and Cough 2023

7 Natural Ways to Use A2 Ghee for Cold and Cough 2023

A2 ghee being organic and pure is packed with many health benefits. The ghee is good for different health areas and among the things, it is good for colds and coughs. Colds and coughs are common ailments, especially as the seasons change and when the air has pollutants of different kinds. If you are prone to allergies, it is always better to know how to guard yourself against the cold and cough; otherwise, you can have a very rough time.
Is Ghee Good for Colds and Coughs?

A2 Desi cow ghee is significant in healing nose blockages. Selling burnt ghee is an ancient treatment method for dealing with sinus and nose blockages resulting from colds and flu. Ghee is very good for colds and coughs because of its various properties, including the following:

It is anti-inflammatory thus, helping to relieve sinus pressure. 
It works as a lubricant for a dry nose and shields against allergens as it traps allergy-triggering particles effectively.
It clears the nasal cavity, and this is good for preventing congestion and improving breathing and respiratory function.
A2 cow ghee also has antibacterial properties effective in combating germs that cause coughs and other infections.
It loosens chest congestion improving chronic coughing in the process.
The fatty acids found in pure ghee help in the reduction of throat irritation that can result from excessive coughing.
By helping the absorption of minerals and vitamins in the body thanks to the Vitamin K it has, ghee helps strengthen the immune system, thus combating coughs and colds.
It has antioxidants and saturated fats important in fighting free radicals that are dangerous to health.
From the above list, it is clear that A2 ghee is good for coughs and colds. But how exactly can you use it to protect against coughs and colds, or treat existing ones?

1. Use with Garlic Cloves – One of the easiest natural remedies to fight coughs and colds using ghee is to sauté garlic cloves with the ghee before eating them. Take a few cloves and sauté in ghee and allow to rest till warm before eating. The two have amazing antioxidants and will improve the cough effectively.

2. Use with Onions – To improve and treat sore throat resulting from a cold, take an onion or two and sauté with A2 milk made ghee and eat. It might not be the most pleasant of experiences, but it works wonders in eliminating sore throat.

3. Use in Lukewarm Water – This natural remedy is especially helpful for chronic dry coughs. Add turmeric powder in lukewarm milk and a teaspoon of ghee, then add some powdered sugar candy before stirring and drinking. For those who are lactose intolerant, warm water should suffice. You should do it for at least 7 days to resolve the issue effectively.

4. Rub the Ghee – To loosen chesty coughs, heat some ghee and then run it to your chest, legs and hands. It is also a good way to keep the body warm and prevent colds.

5. Massage Nostrils – Massaging inner nostril walls with desi ghee releases constriction and relaxes musculature and tissue, improving colds to a great extent. 

6. Use as Nasal Drop – Apart from massaging, you can also heat a teaspoon of cow ghee and use a dropper to drop the warm liquid into the nostrils to combat the dryness that results from colds. It also will help in preventing crust formation. 

7. Use with Cardamom – The natural remedy is good for relieving dry coughs. Mix half a spoon of lukewarm ghee with rock sugar and cardamom and take it thrice daily.

Effectiveness of above remedies may differ from person to person. What are you waiting for? Bring A2 Cow Ghee your home today!


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