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Digital technology and Information Technology 2023


Digital technology and Information Technology

Technology is one of the most important phenomena discussed by many researchers and thinkers, and each sees it from his own perspective, which may differ from the other, perhaps due to the different disciplines and interests among researchers, not to mention the development of characteristics related to technology, it was considered in the past as all the means discovered by man in his struggle against nature, and then later became an important means or tool to meet his needs, which led a number of thinkers to believe that it is responsible for all the changes occurring in societies, specifically after it changed the features of many global and social systems and eliminated other systems.

The accelerated changes caused by the scientific revolution in Information Technology have also imposed on educators an urgent desire to use computer technology in education and widely. Perhaps the most important manifestation of this scientific development was the “internet”, where the world has become a small village, and information overcomes the barriers of time and space, and therefore it has become imperative for educators to keep up with these changes, and even master the use of modern means and devise new learning methods.the world today has gone beyond the advantages of e-learning, and turned to offering it as an alternative to traditional education or concomitant with it, which prompted educational and pedagogical institutions to accelerate the introduction of educational technology into their space, to keep pace with the times in communication, interaction and renewal.

The adoption of educational technological technologies also makes learning a science with its origins, foundations and pillars, besides being an educational update, improves learning outcomes and enriches it. Modern technologies are effective in presenting concepts, helping to constantly adapt, try to respond and develop solutions for students ' learning difficulties, and providing immediate feedback.

It should be noted that the computer may help to raise the level of students ' achievement, and also provides special attention according to the abilities, readiness and level of each student, not to mention the training and diverse clarification of all scientific concepts, and the diagnosis of weaknesses and work to remedy them thanks to the diversity of computer methods such as Sound, Image, Movement and interaction between students, teachers and the program.

Digital technology Digital Technology

The year 2005 can be considered the beginning of the history of the digital age, the year when man was able to store information more in digital format than in analog. Digital technology is that which uses pulses “bits in a digital way " without paying attention to the physical medium, without the need for paper, and the bit is the smallest unit for representing digital data, and takes the value one or zero, where information, images and sounds are represented by a large number of bits, which are stored on multiple media such as magnetic or compact computer disks, and Means technology that converts texts, shapes and sounds into Zero-One strings; to become amenable to computer processing and access in multimedia.

It is a technology that uses computer-supported strategies to support learning and teaching, and the methods and tools used in this area vary.

Information Technology Information Technology

It can be considered as education that provides educational content by electronic means such as the World Wide Web, audiovisual tapes, or laser discs. It can be defined as a method of learning and teaching through modern communication mechanisms, such as computers, networks of all kinds, and Multimedia in order to deliver information to learners as quickly, inexpensively, and in a way through which the educational process can be managed and adjusted as much as possible with the ability to measure and evaluate the performance of learners.

The world is witnessing a successive acceleration in technological and technical development, so that it is impossible to do without it in various institutions, for its obvious impact in raising the level of performance and quality, and even speed in providing services and transparency in work, which prompted countries to apply electronic management and retreat from traditional management, with the transition to modern applications in dealing with files electronically, because of its competitive advantage and being a main engine for innovation and creative thinking.

The 21st century is also called the era of the technological revolution and the knowledge explosion, the Eighties of the last century and the beginning of the twenty-first century witnessed tremendous progress in information technology, modern technology and digital technologies turned the world into a small town. This development has been reflected in various areas of life, including the field of learning and education, which depends on these technological technologies, or the so-called Information Technology.

Therefore, it can be said that information technology consists in the ability to find the most convenient ways and tools for storing and organizing information, not to mention the speed of retrieving it when needed, in addition to displaying it in the best and most easy, smooth and useful ways, and it also helps to make decisions when necessary, as an important and essential tool in the majority of administrative, educational, educational, marketing and other applications, and perhaps information-related industries rely on information bases and the computer is the intermediary device for all of that.

Information technology is defined as the set of devices and tools that provide the process of secure and fast storage of information, regardless of its type and nature, but it works to process, retrieve, transfer, increase, or delete it and modify it afterwards, through various communication devices, from anywhere and receiving it from anywhere in the world.


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