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Does Technology Benefit Young Children's Education?

 With the advent of the corona crisis and its impact on the world in all political, economic, educational, social sectors, international relations, tourism, travel and others, the perception of all this changed, and everyone began to seek to implement services but taking into account social distancing through electronic dealing, which reduces the scale of the disaster and infection.

This paved the way for all countries to very quickly apply their strategies in the processes of institutional digital transformation in all sectors of different countries, and the lion's share of that was the educational sector, the educational process has almost completely turned into a full electronic process, so educational institutions are looking for electronic tools that meet their needs. There are some institutions that have created their own tools, but the outlook was deficient in several categories, as if e-learning and distance learning are not the magic solution for everyone.

Categories such as kindergarten children and elementary school students in particular are unable to learn purely electronically, and as a result of the young age of the children of these stages, many ideas had to be created that suit them in order to catch up, so each country began to apply what it deems appropriate for it with these categories specifically. Some of them have traditionally approved education, some of them have reduced the number of hours of the school day, some of them have applied integrated education with the help of parents, and other ideas, but when looking at the science of educational technology, we find a lot of ideas that fit into these categories, and they can be addressed 

The reality of children's education technology 

The science of educational technology was not limited to a specific category, it is a science that was made to face many of the problems that educational systems suffer from at all levels, hence it was a first step with the existence of a sub-science called the technology of teaching special categories, that there is another sub-science called the science of technology of children's education , and this can be defined procedurally as follows

It is the science of practice and application of educational tools and technologies that suit the category of children from kindergarten age to the end of Primary School, and taking into account these tools for the characteristics and needs of this category, examples of which are educational games and educational puzzles, digital stories, educational stimuli, and microlearning techniques.
This definition clarified many tools that should be applied and used with children, which in their content are age-appropriate and emotional for them, and offer them content integrated with entertainment aspects and the entertainment factor is available during the learning process.

Technologies of children's education technology

The technologies through which educational content can be presented to children are diverse, and they can be detailed as follows

It is a new technique and method based on the division of educational content in the form of educational capsules that do not exceed two minutes in the form of videos, games or other tools.this method is suitable for children as a result of their need to learn quickly, their lack of interest in education for long periods in the early stages of their lives and their inability to do so. The process of presenting educational content in the form of small modules to them is more enjoyable and suitable for them, and many of the above tools can be employed in this, the most important of which are interactive video, educational games, and applications based on educational stimuli.

Digital stories

It is not modern, but in essence it fits into the category of children as a result of the fact that it treats behaviors and presents them in the form of a story or a set of situations that the child enjoys while presenting them, and it can be presented in the form of animations or static drawings supported by some texts, showing a situation or a number of situations in a sequential form. Many studies in this field have proven that children enjoy and love to learn through digital stories; therefore, it is considered one of the most important technologies for children, and educational content can be displayed through it.

Digital educational games

One of the oldest techniques that was used, but with the advancement of technology, educational games have evolved a lot, and they have become combining the two aspects of entertainment and education in a balanced way. Studies have proven the strong psychological relationship between children and their love for educational games, but when preparing and presenting them to children, it is necessary to take into account not to take into account the entertainment side at the expense of the educational side, and this is one of the most serious disadvantages of educational games in the process of their preparation, but they are characterized by their superior ability to address all the contents of various educational contents of the Arabic language, sports and others.

Digital educational puzz

One of the technologies that presents the content in the form of a simple probleslem, and the child is asked to solve it, and helps to develop various diverse thinking processes, and takes into account its suitability for the child's educational age level, and has a high ability to create a state of competition and passion in children to solve more of them in an atmosphere of fun and honest competition.

Educational incentives

One of the techniques that makes children always in a state of passion to learn more, by accumulating the maximum amount of points and badges that satisfy their many needs and feeling. Receiving a badge or reward for a child is a very pleasant thing for him, makes him joyful all the time, creates a positive situation between him and the learning process.

Track list

These techniques are some of the tools that suit children, and of course there are many others, and many techniques can be employed and directed to children such as the three-dimensional technique, it is fun if they learn through it, the existence of an avatar expressing the child's person is a fantasy for him and come true.

So I recommend the following

The need to focus the attention of teachers, researchers and experts in charge of educational technology on this category, which deserves our attention during the current period.

Work on creating many technical tools that are specifically aimed at Children, and work to create a positive outlook for them towards education.

Addressing parents about the need to pay attention to their children in learning electronically and adjusting the Times and places of using electronic devices in order not to cause any damage to the child.

The child is accustomed by parents to many positive behaviors since childhood while dealing with technology, and they are used for both educational and entertainment purposes, not just entertainment.


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